International Year of Light — Bringing Lasers to Life

At Scotland’s kick-off event for the International Year of Light, which took place on 23/2/2015 in Edinburgh, Marcel Schubert and Markus Karl explain to the general public how lasers work and how we plan to bring them to life in future biolasers. Co-starring with Marcel and Markus was a small “open cavity” laser that was … Read more

Andrew Morton and Laura Tropf join the Gather Lab

Andrew Morton and Laura Tropf have joined the Gather Lab from the beginning of 2015. Andrew has done his PhD on neurobiology. He will complement the team’s cell biology expertise and will help with testing and appying the new photonic tools developed by the group. Laura does her PhD on strong light-matter coupling in optical microstructures based … Read more

New PhD opportunities

We have several exciting PhD opportunities open just now. New photonics tools unravel the mysteries and mechanics of biological cells Living Lasers: Lasing from biological cells Aligning molecules to improve efficiency in next generation organic LEDs OLED micro-displays as biophotonic platform Find more details in the PhD projects section of the School’s website.

Wellcome Trust Strategic Support

The Wellcome Trust is funding strategic support at St Andrews to strengthen research at the interface of chemistry, biology, physics and medicine. These would typically be a precursor to more substantive funding. Details may be found at this website:

Jellyfish Help Build World’s First Solid-State Protein Lasers

Malte Gather and Andy Yun at Harvard Medical School / Mass General Hospital have published in Nature Communications how the special molecular structure of fluorescent proteins enables high luminenscence and excellent optical gain in the solid-state form of the protein. See here for the University of St Andrews press release on the matter. See here for the … Read more

Review on “Advances in small lasers” published in Nature Photonics

Together with Martin Hill from University of Western Australia, Malte Gather has written a review for Nature Photonics on the the development of ever smaller lasers for applications in communications and in emerging fields including in biophotonics. The paper is featured on the cover of the December issue of the journal. Find the paper here.

Postdoctoral vacancy: Organic Optoelectronics

A postdoctoral position is available immediately to explore both fundamental and applied aspects of organic semiconductors by investigating exciton diffusion in organic semiconductors and exploring applications of patterned organic semiconductor devices to biophotonics.  Further details and link to application forms here.