Media & Outreach

Below are some examples of media coverage on the work done by the Soft Matter Photonics Group.

science “Scientists arm cells with tiny lasers”. Read article
physdotorg “Researchers feed white blood cells micro-lasers causing them to produce light”. Read article
newscientist “Living lasers made by injecting oil droplets into human cells”. Read article
herald “Researcher’s €1.5 million award to study jellyfish”. Read article
spie SPIE Newsroom interview on “Fluorescent proteins and creation of a living laser”. Read article
Our “Living laser” is listed in Guinness World Record Book 2013.
top10 Our cell laser work has been selected as Top 10 Breakthrough in Physics in 2011. Read article
nature Nature’s The Year in Science, Top 10 News: Readers’ Choice. Read article“Human cell becomes living laser” Read more
science  “A Cell Becomes a Laser” Read more
cnn June 21, 2011: Andy Yun and Malte Gather go live on CNN. Watch video 
nyt “Scientists Create Laser With Mirrors and a Cell” Read more, New York Times article
bbc  “Laser is produced by a living cell” Read more
nphoton “News & Views: Biophotonics: Living lasers” Read more“Interview: Cellular Lasers” Read more
technology review  “Lasers Made from Human Cells” Read more
scientific american  “Green Fluorescent Protein Makes for Living Lasers” Read more

More Articles on Single Cell Lasers:
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