Collaboration with Heidelberg on electrically driven excition-polaritons in carbon nanotubes makes Nature Materials cover

Our recent paper on electrical pumping of exciton-polaritons in single walled carbon nanotubes has made the cover of the September issue of Nature Materials. Senior PhD students Arko Graf, who is supervised by Prof Jana Zaumseil in Heidelberg and by Malte, and Martin Held in Heidelberg have been the architects of this exciting collaboration between Jana’s and our own group. By integrating a nanotube based light-emitting field effect transistor into an optical microcavity, we achieved electrical pumping of exciton-polaritons and were able to maintain strong coupling conditions even at extreme current densities.

Many thanks to Yuriy Zakharko at Heidelberg University, who is also an author on the papepr, for designing the beautiful cover image.

For more information, check out the paper and the accompanying News & Views article by Jeremy Baumberg (Cambridge).